First 100 days of PTI government.


Well, like most of the previous governments, the PTI government gyrated from their promises made to the innocent people, but on the stark of contrast, this government revolutionized the thinking of the layman.The dumbsters who didn’t knew what their leaders were doing with their country or where are their taxes being utilized came to know the ins and outs of the PM house through Wajahat Saeed Khan’s “Mahaaz”.

The government houses of almost all the provinces in the country were opened for the people on weekends, for students of different schools and colleges so that they (who elected the government) apprehended the state in which their representatives live.

The people of Pakistan for the first time in history protested (via social media) for the use of personal helicopter by the PM. This mindset was the awareness drive by the PTI since their formation.

Therewas an austerity drive launched by the PM in his inaugural speech to the nationas was announced by the previous governments as a  rhetoric but this is the only governmentwhich practically demonstrated it.  Anoctet of buffaloes was sold by the PM in an auction which enumerated  Rs2,302,000in the public treasury.

Moreover, OnSeptember 17, a total of 61 luxury and surplus vehicles belonging to the PM house were also auctioned off ,reportedly boosting the govt’s coffers by some Rs200 million. This was ahuge amount of money acting as a lending hand to a crippled economy.

The PTI government inherited a derailed economy and at a time when the government had to choose between bankruptcy and bailout. Thegeneral idea was to acquire a bailout package from the IMF, but again as many experts suggest that a new route to governance is always for the better so the government sprucely routed for an alternative and asked friendly nations to cooperate in the time of need. Well, PM Khan visited Saudi Arabia as his first foreign tour after becoming PM and that proved very successful.

The tour resulted in $6bn from the Saudi Arabia which gave a breathing space to the barely living Pakistan economy. The economists commendedthe premier for this package as Saudi Arabia didn’t give a financial package of this sort to any country lately. Furthermore, Khan got the opportunity to speaking a forum in Saudi Arabia which was intended to attract investors in Saudi Arabia but as we know the personality and articulation, he got his country an access to international markets.

In the first  100 days, the PTI government managed to take the first baby step in restoring the relationship with India, the government of Pakistan gave a positive response tothe decision of the Indian Union cabinet to open the Kartarpur Corridor in lieu of the 550th birth anniversary of Bba Guru Nanak Sahab- the founder of Sikhism which is an array of light in the tenebrous relation between the two countries.

While we are talking about the foreign relations, few daysago, Donald Trump in an interview termed Pakistan as not doing a “damn thing “.After many years, Pakistan has got a leader who is looked up by the international media and his reply on twitter was the headline of many international newspapers. His reply was:

Well, if we judge the PTI government in its first hundreddays, it can be termed as “divergent thinking” which is very positive for thecountry and can prove to be the game changer for the country after 70 years ofwrong direction.