India Can’t Win It!!

Sports Technology

Well, you would be shocked as a cricket fan who follows cricket regularly, because, in modern cricket, India is the greatest team in every condition and every place except for England!

Even though, they made into the finals of the Champions Trophy 2017 beaten by their arch rivals Pakistan, and despite winning series in South Africa, England and Westindies in the same year, they are not gonna make it!

Virat Kohli, who is the current Indian ODI captain is also believed to be the greatest player in the universe but this doesnot mean that he is invincible. Even he has weak spots and he has had his share of troubles at the 4th stump in England when he edges it past slip or towards point. He has the lowest average in England which is a miniscule

and keeping in mind his class and temperament, this is a very low- key average. He is indeed a match winner for India and for them to win the World Cup, he holds a very crucial position so his average already downs India’s chances to a fair degree.

MS Dhoni, who is another player who can hold a pivotal position in the world Cup has a pretty ordinary average of 38.05 in England. So, you can feel if the middle order is exposed, it could well be curtains for India in the World Cup.

Now, when it comes to the bowling, Jasprit Bumrah, probably the best bowler in world cricket has obviously no match no bowler is parallel to his bowling performance, hands down!


All the other bowlers in Indian team have no hint of pace and as we know that this world cup would have the flattest and the most placid tracks you would have ever seen, so all the fast bowlers of India except Shami are of no use. Only the combo known as “Kulcha” and the brilliance of Bumrah is the weopan team India has.

Although, this Indian team could be the best team they have gone with in the World Cup, but the extraordinary conditions in England might just end up in making India an ordinary side and as we all know, ordinary sides can’t win the World Cup!