PSL 4 Anthem Reverbrates:Fawad dazes with his talent of Singing!


The teaser of PSL 4’s anthem ejected excitement and curiosity over the singer of this anthem, though some had guessed it was Fawad right at that moment. Moreover, majority of social media users had a prerequisite of this song as of Ko Ko Korina because of obvious reasons.

But, Fawad Khan really impressed us of his mature voice and command over the punk rock anthem. Not comparing with Ali Zafar, but, this anthem is the best PSL anthem so far and not only of the music but the visuals. The graphics were top notch and gave us hindsight of world cup songs across the globe. There was a part in this video which showed the face swapping of some people; it just displayed the endless creativity of Pakistani artists and that if they get technology on their sides, they are unparallel led.

Cherry on the top was the inclusion of the famous rap artist Young Desi who literally lit the song to a whole new level. A rap song always deflects enthusiasm and charisma so to wrap up the song with a rap caused this song to become pulsive and one which you want to listen 5 times in one sitting!

This song is on the verge of getting 1 million views on YouTube in just its official source, let alone adding up the unofficial views, which is a new benchmark for a PSL anthem. It is currently trending no.5 in Youtube so you could estimate the success of this song.Shuja Haider deserves huge credit  as well to produce lyrics which just sink in your soul and you listen it in your mind whenever you need motivation or inspiration.