The Top Five Modern Day Cricket Commentators.



Ramiz Raja- a former Pakistani Test Cricketer , whio hasrepresented Pakistan in 57 Test matches and 198 ODIs. He had a decent career asa player but his pivot from cricket to commentating proved to be illustriousand exhilarating for him and his fans. He is the only asian commentator in ourlist as he is unparallel to any asian cricketer involved in commentary. From“Shahid Afridi, you Beauty!” to “That’s it, Pakistan have crossed the line,they win the Champions Trophy” , Ramiz’s commentary is a symbol of cricket inthe modern era. He is a household name for his commentary not only in Pakistanbut worldwide.He has also been a commentator in the Indian Premiere League forfour years which signifies his roleas a commentator in that part of the worldas well. He has got this ability to feed of excitement and animation in hiscommentary and due to his cricketing background, his analysis are always spoton! He is currently running a youtube channel named “Ramiz Speaks” , in whichhe really dissects the performance of the teams in hand.


David Lloyd, a former English cricketer who has played onlya handful of international matches but has amassed his authority as a commentator.He has a pretty impactful voice with brilliant experience in the job. ManyPakistanis remember him as saying this in Twenty 20 world cup, 2009, “It’s aleg bye, who cares, Pakistan win the worldcup!” . He has broadcasted all theAshes series in the modern era and plays a role of a mentor among the commentators.He covers the County cricket in England and has an active contract with the SKYSports.


Nasser hossain, an English man who has represented hiscountry in 86 ODIs and 96 Test matches with a pretty healthy average and astounding stats as a batsmen. NasserHossain, is the best analyst among the commentators. As all Englishmen possesseuphonious accents, he’s also right up there but the value adding artifact inhis commentary is that he is intrinsically involved in the game which magnifiesthe minutest aspects of the game and a memorable experience for the viewers. Avery famous quote of his “In the air, gone, not that important,he’s gone thenext ball, brilliant from Aamir, Pakistan cricket at its best one minute down,the next minute up!” is etched onto the minds of every Pakistani’s head.


Bill Lawry, a former Australian captain who has played 67tests for his side is an eminent commentator in the history of cricket. Eventhough, he’s not an active commentator but for the legend which he is, he hasbeen in the list. He is undoubtedly the most amiable voice of cricket you wouldhave ever heard. With extreme subtleness, he varies onto his tone and gives you a gracious comment!


Shane Warne,  one of the greatest spin wizards in the history of cricket tops our list. He is thegreatest modern day commentator in the world. From Australia, Warne has playedtones of cricket for his side and has the most meaningful career in cricket inour list. He defines the Australian cricket, as we all know, the greatest teamin the gistory of cricket. His accent literally gives you Goosebumps and hisanalysis are worth every penny!. In the last era of cricket, Richie Benau usedto be the spear head of the commentators. Following the tradition, Warne hastaken that responsibility. He is an active member of the elite  commentary panel of Channel 9, which iswithout doubt the greatest broadcasting company in the history of  cricket.